By  Paula Cizmar

Catherine Filloux

Gail Kriegel

Carol K.Mack

Ruth Margraff

Anna Deavere Smith

Susan Yankowitz 


Director: Natsuko Ohama

Movement Director: Stephanie Shroyer

Light Design: Derek Christiansen

Sound Design: Stephen GeorgeScenic Designer: Amanda Kenhans

Press Representative: Ken Werther 

Photographer: Meredith Adelaide


Claudia Elmore

Amaka Izuchi

Wonjung Kim

Mehrnaz Mohammadi

Yelena Podkolzina

Tarah Pollock

Elmira Rahim

Danielle Reynolds  

" In Seven, women’s voices are front and center. Seven is driven by a strong ensemble, with each actress fully embodying the woman she portrays.

Seven’s real accomplishment is in spotlighting people who, while not well-known, have done exemplary work in the service of gender equality.Their stories deserve to be heard and celebrated — and that is what Seven is all about."   StageRaw  


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